Responsible Ranching for over 125 Years

The Mahon Ranch is an authentic, working cattle ranch nestled in the Cosumnes River Valley.  (A true piece of California’s heritage, the ranch was first established in 1882 by John Mahon.)
Like most of the family ranches and farms in America, the Ranch has been witness to the ebbs and flows of agricultural enterprise.  In the early years, hops were the primary crops giving way to grain, citrus, vineyards, beets, various row crops as well as dairy and livestock operations.

Today, the ranch custom raises their own cattle, currently caring for a cow / calf herd of over 250 head. The ranch also produces feed products such as hay for local farmers and their animals throughout the region.

“We believe in the balance of land use and land preservation. As ranchers, we must use the land wisely and conserve resources to succeed.”

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Photography: Kathi Cook